NetSuite Implementation Resources

Best practices to prepare for and execute a successful NetSuite implementation


Should I implement NetSuite before or after an IPO?

Company considerations when planning a NetSuite implementation around an IPO, including financial close requirements as a public entity.

Four Questions to Answer When Preparing for a NetSuite Implementation

Prepare for a NetSuite implementation by asking these questions, including how teams can begin to prepare and how to select an implementation partner.



NetSuite segment structure basics

Learn the basics of NetSuite's segment structure and how organizations organize these segments.

How to build a NetSuite segment map

Prepare the segment map file for importing legacy financial data into NetSuite.



Can I import my historical financial transactions?

intheBlk's approach overcomes the big reasons for why implementation partners advise against importing historical financial transactions.

Best practices for converting vendor records to NetSuite

Users importing vendor records into NetSuite can benefit from these tips.

Three tips for importing data from multiple subsidiaries to NetSuite

Legacy data from multiple subsidiaries can cause issues when imported into NetSuite. Read about how system controls around subsidiaries can impact the data migration process.



Historical Transaction Data Migration with Akouos

intheBlk consulting completed a full historical transaction import with Akouos, moving four years of data from QuickBooks Online to NetSuite.

Net Change Entry Data Migration with Oncorus, Inc.

intheBlk consulting completed a net change journal entry import with Oncorus, Inc. when they fell behind on the data migration.

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