long range planning for biotech startup

Program timelines move fast. Can your model keep up?

Did you know that 88% of spreadsheets contain a major error? Using an Excel spreadsheet to model scenarios for your program’s development timelines can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. intheBlk’s financial long-range planning tool takes away the burden of maintaining complicated spreadsheets so you and your team can focus on key model assumptions and make better-informed decisions.

Key Features

  • Compare multiple scenarios and their associated KPIs in one place
  • Quickly change program development timelines with a simple dropdown menu
  • Track program development costs by department, program, and development phase
  • Map collaboration agreement milestones to program development timelines
  • Manage workforce needs at the employee or department level
  • Ensure financing activity are timed around key inflection points


Benefits of using intheBlk's long-range planning tool

Scenario planning biotech development plan long range plan

Insights for informed decisions 

Get a deeper understanding of model assumptions with views designed to see program costs by department and cost phase. Know how each change affects ending cash and expenses.

Biotech long range planning tool scenario planning

Collaborate more effectively

Give the team access to modify program timeline assumptions and see the financial impact real-time. Collaborate in an easy-to-use interface without fear of users breaking the model.

long-range planning tool for biotech companies

Designed for biotech

Built for the issues facing a biotech company. No need for an extended implementation with a tool built for every industry. Sign-up today and start modeling immediately.

Long range planning tool for early stage biotechs

Add more value

Time saved will allow users to assess model assumptions and craft a better financial story. Maintain credibility by reducing the risk of user errors common in spreadsheets. 

Biotech long range planning forecast tool