Program timelines move fast. Can your model keep up?

Research suggests that 88% of spreadsheets contain a major error. Using an Excel spreadsheet to budget drug development scenarios can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. intheBlk’s tool takes away the burden of maintaining complicated spreadsheets so the team can focus on key model assumptions and make better-informed decisions.

Dashboard for Cash Management

Our tool empowers users to make on-the-fly cost changes and see the associated cash flow impact real-time.

Insights for Informed Decisions

Get a deeper understanding of model assumptions with views designed to see program costs by department and cost phase. Know how each change affects ending cash and expenses.



Designed for Biotech

Built for the issues facing a biotech company. No need for an extended implementation with a tool built for every industry. Sign-up today and start modeling immediately.

Add More Value

Time saved will allow users to assess model assumptions and craft a better financial story. Maintain credibility by reducing the risk of user errors common in spreadsheets.

Collaborate more effectively

Give the team access to modify program timeline assumptions and see the financial impact real-time. Collaborate in an easy-to-use interface without fear of users breaking the model.

Manage costs of hiring

Track the costs associated with current employees, new hires, and consultants. Understand the cost impact of hires and consultants when deciding on workforce needs.


Why Choose intheBlk:

Model Maintenance
intheBlk designs and maintains the model. This prevents incorrect inputs, broken formulas, and hard-coded cells, ensuring correct calculations every time.
Internal Controls 
intheBlk logs changes to the model and has user access functionality. Maintain monitoring controls around key accounting and budgeting functions.
Version Archive
intheBlk archives each completed version in one place. Know which model was used when and lock when completed to prevent inadvertent changes.
Data Model
intheBlk data exports to a CSV file in a friendly format. Get the benefit of storing source data in a database with the flexibility of ad-hoc analysis in Excel.
Ready for Use
intheBlk tools are ready for immediate use. Get the benefit of the tools on day one. No more waiting weeks on an implementation timeline.

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Compare intheBlk to Excel:

  intheBlk: Excel:
Data Quality:    
Controlled input type Yes No
No broken formulas  Yes No
Version control Yes No
Easily share with others Yes No
Manage user source data Yes No
Internal Controls:    
Version control Yes No
History log Yes No

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