Data Conversion

The data migration process is a constant across every unique implementation, making it ideal to outsource. intheBlk will allow your team to focus on building your NetSuite instance without wasting energy and time preparing import templates.

Net Change


tech fee + hourly rate


Data imported as a monthly journal entry with subsidiary, account, segment, and customer/vendor balances.


•Data validation is straight-forward.

•The preferred approach of most NetSuite implementation partners.

Full History


tech fee + hourly rate


Data imported at the individual transaction level, mimicking the legacy system. Limited to three years of history.


Full transaction history by vendor and customer.

Limited need to maintain access to a legacy system.


Common Questions


Why is there a technology fee?

The technology fee is for our tool that converts your legacy data to NetSuite's import templates. We estimate that the average person would take 15 hours to complete the net change approach template and 40-50 hours to complete the full history approach. The cost of our fee quickly pays for itself in saved hours. 


Why is there an hourly rate?

The hourly rate gives teams budget flexibility when planning to use intheBlk consulting. If organizations are budget conscious, the majority of the mappings and exporting data can be completed by you to save money. If teams need additional resources, intheBlk consulting can complete the tasks on your behalf.


What if we can't import my data?

Generally, if data is tracked in your legacy system, it can be imported into NetSuite. The most significant risk of the full history approach is being unable to run a report linking vendor payments to vendor bills and customer payments to customer invoices from your legacy accounting system. The net change approach will work with any system that can export a transaction listing to Excel. If your legacy accounting system is QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, both methods will work for you!


Can I change my approach later on?

Absolutely. You can change at any time before starting the historical financial data conversion process, which is typically midway through the implementation timeline.

Case Studies

Read about the success intheBlk has had with real companies.

Net Change Approach

intheBlk assisted Oncorus, Inc. when they were short on time preparing their net change journal entry.

Net Change case study

Full History Approach

intheBlk completed the full history approach for Akouos when they moved from QuickBooks Online to NetSuite.

Full History case study