NetSuite Reporting Resources

Tips, tricks, and how to's for financial reporting in NetSuite


NetSuite saved search for accounts payable review

Users learn how to build a transactional saved search to quickly view transactions by vendor name, department, or another segment.

1099-Misc Forms in NetSuite

Users learn how to build a few reports to review transactions for 1099 compliance within NetSuite.



How to build a monthly spend by vendor saved search in NetSuite

Users can analyze spending by vendors for a given department with this NetSuite saved search.

Using SUMIFS and NetSuite saved searches to automate reconciliations

Combine saved search results in monthly reconciliations to improve accuracy and completeness.

Five NetSuite preferences you need to know

Optimize the user experience in NetSuite with these five settings.



Build a segment change report with NetSuite's saved search and system note functionality

Distribute changes to the segment structure for Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) purposes with NetSuite's saved

search and system note functionality.

Build a journal entry approval saved search in NetSuite

Build a NetSuite saved search for auditors showing journal entry creators and approvers.

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